DRUNK ON THE MOON Edited by Paul D. Brazill

Regular readers will be well aware, that Paul D Brazill’s Drunk On The Moon is a firm favourite of mine. This on going series has previously only been available as an e-book, finally the series has been collected into a lovely collection that is available as both an E-book, and more importantly as a paperback.

For those not in the know Drunk On The Moon, is a brilliant mash up of gritty Noir crime and horror, which sees Private Investigator Roman Dalton who is cursed with being a werewolf take on aliens, zombies, classy dames and all manners of other things.  I’m not going to go into great detail about the individual stories as my reviews of this series are dotted all about the site, suffice to say, this is a  truly brilliant series, filled with stories that give a swift one two punch to the torso of dark urban fantasy.  You really should check this book out, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Some of my personal favourites where, the opening story from Mr Brazill himself, Allan Leverone’s The Darke Affair, which introduces us to a  dark mysterious figure, B R Staeham’s Insatiable, is a great punchy detective tale.  Julia Madeleine, as always delivers a first class story. And finally, Frank Duffy’s Blood and Alcohol, reminds me why I love his writing, and why i really need to get my finger out and write up my review of his short story collection.  

Drunk On The Moon/ Before The Moon Falls – Paul D Brazill (UK/Poland)
The Darke Affair -Allan Leverone (USA)
It’s A Curse -K A Laity (USA/Ireland)
Insatiable – B R Stateham (USA)
Fear The Night- Julia Madeleine (Canada)
Getting High On Daisy -Richard Godwin (UK)
Silver Tears – John Donald Carlucci (USA)
Blood & Alcohol – Frank Duffy (UK/Poland)
Back To Nature – Jason Michel (UK/France)
A Fire in the Blood -Katherine Tomlinson (USA)

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