Hersham Horror Books Presents 5 original stories from the minds of: Alison Littlewood Neil Williams Mark West Adrian Chamberlin Peter Mark May Fog can hide anything: from ghostly encounters, to shape-shifting monsters; from buried childhood memories, to creatures born from the mist-shrouded air around you, to atrocities that have no ending, on a train ride into terror….. FOGBOUND FROM 5

Right I think it’ about time I did another real time review.  And I can’t think of a better book to do this with.  Stay tuned for the first instalment.

First impressions well apart from the rather excellent cast of authors this is a great looking book.  I particularly like the brilliantly understated cover, the monochrome photo of a fogbound railway track is perfect.   It shows that you don’t need a load of fancy flashy artwork to convey the mood of the book.

Right I’m going to make myself a coffee and read Alison’s story.

The Quiet Coach by Alison Littlewood 

Say Hi to Kev, he is one of those people that seem to be everywhere, obnoxious, angry and just downright unpleasant. When he boards the the quiet coach with the sole intention of winding up the other passengers even he couldn’t imagined how things would turn out.

If this story of indicative of the quality of the rest of this collection, then we are onto a winner.  Alison Littlewood has created a wonderful tale that is full of heartache, regret, and sadness. I loved how Alison used the fog in this story, and description of what the fog may well be is a great concept.

Fal Vale Junction by Neil Williams 

This could almost read as a companion piece to the opening story, as it also deals with the loss of a family, and the regret that follows it.  In this story, Andrew slowly remembers the events of that fateful night when he lost the rest of his family in a terrible house fire.  The tension slowly builds as each new memory breaks through the the thick fog of memory.  I thought I had guessed how the fire had started, but I was wrong.  This is another emotional piece that is full of some great imagery, I particularly liked the scene with the toy train set, and the screaming face at the windows of the train, a truly chilling scene.  

So two stories down, and I am really enjoying this collection, the first two stories are both of a really high standard.  Not that I expected any different as I am a fan of both Neil and Alison’s writing.   

Last Train Home by Mark West. 

Alex Griffen is just trying to get home to his family, stuck on the last train home from platform five.  Alex’s journey is going to take a turn for the worst.  

After the last two emotional charged tales, Mark West’s story shifts gears, throws more coal into the boiler, and lets out a big blast from its steam whistle to deliver a fast, action packed tale of terror.  I really enjoyed reading this punchy tale, that lets rip with a classic horror monster.   

Kriegsmaterial by Adrian Chamberlin

Kriegsmaterial, is another excellent World War II story from Adrian Chamberlin.  in this story Adrian has managed to take a subject matter that even after all these years could be seen as being a rather insensitive topic for a horror story.  However, Adrian has given this story about a mysterious prisoner of ALineuschwitz a moving and touching treatment.  This story really touched me, due to the fact that my Grandfather was among the first contingent of Allied soldiers to liberate this dreadful blot on human history from the hands of the nazis.  The tale stressfully combines the horrors of war, the horrors of just what a man will do to survive and a brilliant use of folklore. If you are reading this Mr Chamberlin, this story is screaming out for a sequel, or even to be turned into a full length novel.  For me this is the highlight so far of this anthology.  

End of the Line by Peter Mark May

So it’s down to the editor of this rather damn fine anthology to close the book off.  End of The Line, is a much more light hearted tale than the previous story. After a night out on the town Garry Harrison, finds himself at the end of the line, and what me very well  be the end of his life.   While this story may be more light hearted it’s still a very satisfyingly gruesome story that gives some nice knowing nods to some of the great zombie films.  Yes folks they snuck in a zombie tale.  Nevertheless Peter’s story is a fun enjoyable read, 
with an ending that is open to further adventures. 

Fog Bound From 5 is a very satisfying read that brings together  some very talented authors, who all manage to bring something different to to the table with this themed anthology.  I whole heartedly recommend this book, not only is this a very good anthology, it also works as a showcase for five authors who deserve your time.  If you haven’t read anything by these guys then this is perfect starting point for you.  Read it then go and check out some of their other stuff, you won’t be disappointed. 

8.5 out of 10 


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