ZOMPIRE VIXENS FROM PLUTO! is going into production with a crowdfunding and crowdsourcing campaign on Seed & Spark. Help us bring you the best in Camp, Vamp, and Mayhem and thanks!!!
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Zompire Vixens from Pluto Need You!

Zompire Vixens from Pluto!

Episode 2: The Zompire Strikes Back

After landing on the Brooklyn Bridge, our Zompires light out to complete their mission. If only they could remember exactly what that was…

Finding themselves in front of a Brooklyn watering hole, Elmyra, Roxy, and Trixie feel a bit peckish. Trixie tries to keep her superiors on task to find Dr. Von Tron, but when Elmyra puts her mind to something, nothing but clever misdirection can get in this powerhouse’s way. Happy hour turns into a funeral dirge for the poor humanoids sipping and playing pool inside. Seduction, (lots of) blood, and brainstems leave the Zompires’ first victims (un)dead.

The bored barkeep Oscar remains unaffected by the Zompires’ wily charms. The Vixens put a collar and leash on Oscar and take him as their Brooklyn guide, insisting that he take them to a phone booth. He tries to explain that phone booths have become obsolete, but the Vixens won’t be persuaded. Can he survive the most exciting night of his life?

Hey *|FNAME|*, did you know you can help the Vixens finance without contributing a cent?

No, this isn’t an infomercial or some kind of black magic (motion picture magic only here). Seed & Spark is an especially awesome site for filmmakers because people can loan items instead of actual cash. Do you have a couple of pool cues that you would like to see commemorated on screen? What about a lab coat or forensic technician’s outfit or 4?

We also have some big ticket items like production insurance and locations. If you run or work with a production company that has its own insurance policy, would you consider being an umbrella for the Vixens with an agreement that we pay any deductible or a deposit? Do you have access to a stage where we could build Pluto and possibly a bar for our big massacre scene (good times!)? Discounts work, too! Please be in touch and we’ll see how we can reflect your support in our fundraising campaign.

Click through to our ZOMPIRE VIXENS FROM PLUTO! page and check out our Wishlist. There are items big and small that can help us go into production, and we really appreciate your help! You make all of our dreams come true, and thanks so much!!!

Be Mine

Will you be mine?

The Zompires have very special plans for Valentine’s Day. Will you be all ours?

Our graphics wizard and co-producer Phaedra Strecher is now offering personalized ZOMPIRE VIXENS FROM PLUTO! Valentine’s e-cards! Donate today and let us know who that special someone is. We’ll send it out on Valentine’s Day (right after we’ve fully funded!). And don’t worry. We won’t judge if you send one to yourself. Everyone needs a little love, and these are pretty killer…

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Like us on Facebook!

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