Don’t worry readers, I haven’t succumbed to the horrors of the Spamazonites.  Zompire Vixens From Pluto (ZVFP) is in fact an exciting and funny episodic web film that channels the spirits of the gonzo horror film makers of yore.  The brainchild of Jenna Payne, ZVFP, is irreverently campy, deliciously frightful, and bordering on the absurd. Three denizens of Pluto are sent on a mission to request that Dr. Von Tron reverse his decision to declassify Pluto, which would reinstate their food source. These Zompires have less peaceful plans of their own, a taste for human brainstems, and are easily sidetracked by the multitude of prey. They take a bored barkeep Oscar hostage at their first massacre and move on in search of the doctor and seeking their next meal.
Dr. Von Tron’s star pupil Olivia intercepts a distress call from an Intergalactic Consortium base sounding the alarm for an attack. Olivia, astronomically brilliant but romantically clueless, quickly alerts her lovelorn neighbour Chase and a ragtag group of young Brooklynites watching a sci fi­ marathon to the danger posed by these extraterrestrial vixens. Our heroes gear up and prepare to do battle with the hottest, baddest, silliest villains ever!

About Jenna 

Hailing from southern suburbia, Jenna saved up her summer lemonade stand money to move to New York City in the fall of 2003. Jenna waited tables, typed up prose, and spun records in some of the citIES darker dens before realizing that she knew no one in publishing and had seen more films than eaten hot meals!

Quickly diving into writing, directing, and producing, Jenna directed her first short film  Feline Frenzy in  February 2010. This dark comedy/grindhouse thriller toured film festivals and won a Skullie Award at the 2010 Royal Flush Festival. Jenna also shot a sizzle reel in New York for Grauman’s Last Hero, a comedy/noir thriller about the character impersonators in front of Mann’s Chinese Theatre, to demonstrate the potential of this feature.

Jenna has worked on many film sets in roles ranging from Producer to Casting to Wardrobe Stylist and is developing a slasher set against the backdrop of the collapse of the American auto industry. Jenna is the producer of the soon-to-be-released mini feature The Art of Dreaming. This lush and visual film depicts a young woman’s battle against her subconscious.

Jenna had this to say about the inspiration for this project

The spark for ZOMPIRE VIXENS FROM PLUTO! comes from a desire to do a playful send up of classic horror and sci fi­ B-pictures with a lot of laughs. I’m a huge fan of exploitation, horror, slapstick, and sci fi, so why not combine these?As a viewer, I really gravitate towards genre and exploitation flicks and love mashing them up to create something new. If fake blood isn’t involved, then it isn’t a Jenna Payne film. I’m also a real sucker for noir, so I thought it would be great if the Zompires were only as up to date on earthlings as the ’40s/’50s. The vixens are dangerous dames with Victory curls and crocodile smiles. Too bad satellite signals take so long to travel to Pluto!My first short film, and mash up in its own right, FELINE FRENZY toured festivals and won an award in 2010. I’ve written and directed several shorts since then, including the post-Sandy film DARKTOWN, and am looking to leap towards a feature film by shooting this webseries

So how can you help this project come to fruition, well Jenna needs your help in funding it.  You can make a donation by following this link  Seeds and Sparks. Donations can stat from as littkle as $10, which will get you A big Zompire thank you on there  site AND a Zompire Thank You e-card!  Or how about a postcard from set to your door with a Vixen smooch right on the card. (I may get multiples of this one,  I hope they use bright red lipstick).  The more you donate, the more special the gift you get back in return, fellas you can even get  a personalized, (somewhat) risque video of a real, live Vixen sliding her garter off of her thigh after a day of hard work and mailing it right to you. This is exploitation after all. Also, look at you, big time Co-Producer with credits! You’re paying attention now aren’t you!!!

So come on folks please consider helping, this looks as though it’s going to be a lot of fun. 

Stay tuned for more updates, interviews and exciting times. 

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