News: Carousel by Janet Joyce Holden

Necon E-Books are proud to bring you the latest in their Necon Contemporary Horror series of books, Janet Joyce Holden’s Carousel.

When struggling-artist Luke is offered the restoration of an antique carousel horse, he eagerly accepts, sinking deep into his art (much to the dismay of his girlfriend and his elder brother, John). John in particular has cause for alarm, for the brothers share a dangerous heritage. Luke possesses a latent talent that will open doors — to ravenous forests, the corridors of the dead, and perhaps even Hell. And as Luke’s abilities awaken, John must try to protect the world from the threat of Luke’s art and to stop his brother from descending into madness.

I for one will be getting a copy, advance word on the net points to it being a really good read.  

Horror World gave it a glowing review 


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