Interview: 5 Minutes With Gregory Hall

Today it is with great pleasure to bring you Five minutes with Gregory Hall.  Gregory describes himself as “a silly silly man who writes horror and comedy and shopping lists”.  A former stand-up, improv and theatre dude who produced such projects as CHARM CITY DREAMS, THE EARLY MONDAY MORNING SHOW and the annual BALTIMORE COMEDY FEST. He is a national Telly Award winner and was once hugged by Pat Morita.

He is probably best known to some now as the host/producer of the internet radio show THE FUNKY WEREPIG. Grab your moon pies and enter the No Pants Zone every Friday night at 9pm EST only at

Could you tell the readers a little bit about yourself?

I used to be a comedy dude. Racked up over 30 years’ worth of stand-up, skit and improv professionally. But I got burned out. My lovely lady talked me into focusing on fiction writing. I’ve been in a few anthologies and magazines. I wrote a novel called At the End of Church Street that’s done pretty well. It’s a goth thriller. Oh! And I also killed a hobo.
Do you prefer the term Horror, Weird Fiction or Dark Fiction?
For what I write ‘Weird Fiction’ would probably fit best. But I do like the trend that puts ‘punk’ after each term. Splatterpunk. Steampunk. My bud R Scott McCoy and I have space pens that write underwater so we like to scribble out a paragraph or two at the bottom of hotel pools. We call it Aquapunk.
Who are some of your favourite authors?
Oh man, too many to name. If a book says Joe Lansdale on the cover, I buy it. Same with Harry Shannon. Rio Youers is brilliant. I love how David Dunwoody’s mind works. There’s a new guy named Kevin Mellor who is just flat out powerful. Definitely a dude to keep an eye on. I tend to go for writers who don’t let genres define them. They define their own genre. But on the other hand I also love pop-up books and porn. It would be great if they could combine the two.
What are you reading now?
I’ve been enjoying some Chet Williamson. He’s always money. But my major kick lately is reaching way back and buying works by classic dark fiction writers- Poe, Bierce, Hawthorne, even Winston Churchill. Did you know he had some very creepy stories? I hadn’t a clue until recently. It was such an entirely different style of writing then. Today’s editors would chop the hell out of it. I find that fascinating.
Which book do you wish you had written?
The Bible. When egos start throwing down that they’ve written a string of best sellers or have a bibliography of over 50 books, I can always shrug and simply say ‘I’ve only written one book. Yeah. The Good One.’ And that’s a huge fistful of shut-the-funk-up right there.
How would you describe your writing style?
Mock intelligence betrayed by tons of spelling errors.
Describe a typical day spent writing. Do you have any unusual writing habits?
I’ve found I write best super early in the morning. I have kids who are still in school so by the time they come down at 7 a.m., it’s too chaotic. But if I can get a few hours in while the world is still asleep and the phone isn’t ringing and the e-mails aren’t flooding in, that’s sweet.
Plus I don’t offend anyone. Because I can’t concentrate at all if I have to wear pants. That’s why I’ve been exiled to working out of the home.
What piece of your own work are you most proud of?
When I used to do theatre, I wrote a comedic soap opera series called ‘Charm City Dreams’. It ran just like a TV show so the audience had to come back every week to catch the next episode. It was beyond trend setting- I don’t know if anyone else has ever done anything like it- and the cast was so incredible. They’d memorize a script and hit the stage while I was banging out the next one, and we kept that energy going for maybe half a year. By the time the final episode went up I remember just glowing, knowing I’d never successfully pull off something that crazy again. Oh! And later that night was when I killed the hobo.
Can you tell us about your last book, and can you tell us about what you are working on next?
I just had my short story collection come out- Werepig Fever– through Kerlak Publishing. It has comedy, horror, action, romance and even a sample of my DNA inside for those readers who also dabble in cloning. I named the book after my radio show, The Funky Werepig, which has been going live every Friday night since what…the 1970’s now. And I’ll keep doing great interviews because I love entertaining the masses and it’s part of my prison release program.
As far as future projects, I’ll be honest. I’m so freaked out about this Mayan crap that I don’t have a thing planned past Dec 21st. And neither should any of you. Quit your jobs today. I’ve never met a Mayan who was a liar.
Wow, I cannot believe how rude I’ve been. This has all been so ‘me, me, me’. What’s up, Jim? So how the hell are you?
Me, now that would be telling, you need to speak to my legal representative about that


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