Interview : John Forth: 13 Ghosts of Christmas

Today it is the turn of John Forth.  John Forth’s short fiction has appeared in a number of anthologies, as well as the magazines Midnight Street, Estronomicon, the Journal of the British Fantasy Society. Details about where to find his short stories can be found here.  Influences on his writing include H.P. Lovecraft, Arthur Machen, J.G. Ballard, H.G. Wells, John Wyndham, Iain Banks, T.E.D Klein, Ramsey Campbell, Shirley Jackson, Stephen King, Clive Barker and Alan Moore.
 Can you tell us little bit about yourself?
Assuming we discount an early story in the Luton Student Paper (which we probably should) my first short was published in Summer 2011 and since then I’ve troubled the pages of a number of anthologies (the latest of which was The Ninth Black Book of Horror) and magazines. I live in Brighton with my wife, Esther. I have the requisite number of cats for an author bio.
Why did you decide to submit a story to this anthology?
The Christmas ghost story has a long and grand tradition; I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get involved in an anthology that promises to continue that tradition. Also, what better way to celebrate the birth of history’s most famous zombie?
Can you tell us what to expect from your story?
An awkward family gathering, a smattering of snow, and some very unusually assembled pine needles.
What was the best and the worst Christmas present you ever received?
Even the worst Christmas present (“Oh, wow, those are exactly the novelty socks I’ve been after!”) has a purpose. As for the best one – the Star Wars AT-AT and accompanying Snowspeeder when I was a kid will take some beating.
Who or what would you least like to be haunted by at Christmas?
I once tried to run away from Christmas by going to Egypt for the festive season. I arrived at the hotel to find two plastic reindeer flanking the door and spent the rest of that day avoiding the hotel manager – Egypt’s answer to Basil Fawlty – who was determined we’d pay £10 each to attend his (mandatory for guests) Christmas party. The worst thing to be haunted by at Christmas is Christmas itself.
Can you tell us about any future projects?
I’m working on a longer piece just now. The working title is Young Horsemen. It’s not a western.

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