News: The Ginger Nuts Publisher of The Year

I’m throwing  this out here just to tease you all a little bit.  I’ve thought long and hard about this.  There are so many good publishers out there, however when I really thought about it there has only been one publisher this year where I have purchased every single thing they have produced, and thoroughly  enjoyed everything that they have produced.  This publisher has also collected together some of my favourite authors, and is responsible for publishing the novella that really made me sit up a notice my discovery of the year.  So stay tuned folks all will be revealed shortly.

So here we go folks my publisher of the year is Spectral Press.  The small press  since it’s debut publication shown that it not only knows what makes for a great story.  It has also consistently shown that a great story deserves not to be just thrown out there into the big wide world.  The chapbooks that Simon Marshall Jones produces are always first class in both the quality of the stories but also in the production values.  They all have fantastic covers, and you can just tell by layout of the chapbooks that Simon puts his whole heart into producing these books.

The highlights of this years publications where Simon Kurt Unsworth’s Rough Music,  a strange tale of nightly visitations that has a heart breaking finale.  And Mark West’s What Gets Left Behind.    a brillaintlt written ghost story that cannot help but whisk you back to your childhood.

And it’s not just the chapbooks, the two novellas that Spectral Press have produced this year are also top quality products.  Gary Fry’s haunting story The Respectable Face of Tyranny, was a very intense and novella that showed great supernatural fiction doesn’t always have to be dumb.   This was an emotional story that pulled not only at the readers emotions but also at their mind.  His description of the ghostly creatures skimming over the surface of the sea is one that still sticks in my mind ever after all this time.

And this leads me to their second novella, The Nine Deaths of Dr Valentine by John Llewellyn Prober.  What can I say about this book, other than it is a  fantastic, fabulous and gloriously theatrical tale that will have you the reader beaming from ear to ear with joyous relish.

Spectral Press’s chapbooks are produced in a limited number, and they sell out quickly, so if I was you I would treat myself to a subscription package to this range of books.  You can get one by following the link below

Spectral Press 


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