Interview: Neil Williams : 13 Ghosts of Christmas

Today it’s the turn of Neil Williams , Neil has had a interest in horror for as long as he can remember.  I first came across Neil’s writing in the three author mini anthology Ill at Ease.  As well as writing you may also have seen his excellent artwork on  the covers of books from such publishers as Spectral Press and Pendragon Press

Can you tell us little bit about yourself?

I live in Cheshire with my wife and daughter and have had an interest in the macabre for as long as I can remember. I work as a graphic designer and have produced covers for Pendragon Press, This Is Horror and Spectral Press chapbooks.

Why did you decide to submit a story to this anthology?

I had a really great title for a Christmas ghost story. Unfortunately by the time I’d finished writing it the title no longer fitted with the subject matter, so I didn’t use it. But at least I had a story. And I’ve still got the original title, which I may yet find a use for.

Can you tell us what to expect from your story?

‘We are a Shadow’ is set in the Cheshire village of Lymm during Saint Stephen’s Day or Boxing Day. It involves the revival of a number of traditions associated with that date including a Mummers play and The Hunting of the Wren. It concerns the medieval monument at the heart of the village called The Cross. It’s not strictly a ghost story.

What was the best and the worst Christmas present you ever received?

I can’t actually think of the worst present I’ve received, but if I could it would be rather churlish of me to make it public.

The best? Well I remember getting an Aurora model kit of Dracula, which came with optional luminous hands. I also had the King Kong model with a glowing head that used to give me nightmares.  A few Christmases ago my wife bought me a much better King Kong model, I’ve yet to find a suitable replacement Dracula.

Who or what would you least like to be haunted by at Christmas?

A gorilla with a luminous head.

Can you tell us about any future projects?

I have a story called ‘Pestfurlong Hill’ in the long awaited anthology (long awaited by me anyway) ‘Our Haunted World’ from Whitlock Publications. Hopefully it may finally see the light of day. Then there’s the follow up to last year’s ‘Ill at Ease’ project that I did with Mark West and Stephen Bacon. It’s due this winter and will hopefully feature my story ‘There Shall We Ever Be’. Next year should see the publication of my firtst novella ‘The Derelict’ from Pendragon Press.
I’m currently working on a number of other stories including ‘The Treacle Pool’ for a charity anthology and a novella set in Britain during the Dark Ages called ‘The Dwelling Place’.


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