interview: Gary McMahon: 13 Ghosts of Christmas

Today is the turn of Gary McMahon .  Gary is in my opinion one of the finest horror writers working today. His stories are a perfect mix of supernatural horror, and the real horrors of life.  Sadly his Concrete Grove trilogy came to an end this year with the fantastic Beyond Here Lies Nothing.  I urge you all to go and pick up this series you will not be disappointed. 
 Can you tell us little bit about yourself?
I’m the author of seven novels and several short story collections. I’ve been nominated for a lot of awards and even won a couple. I love writing. I love my wife and son. I practice Shotokan karate and enjoy running in the rain. My shoe size is a 7 and I don’t own any pets. My favourite film is “Taxi Driver”, my favourite band is Radiohead, and my favourite writer is Charles Bukowski.
Why did you decide to submit a story to this anthology?
I’ve worked with Spectral Press before and it was a great experience. Simple as that.
Can you tell us what to expect from your story?
My tale is a modern-day riff on Arthur Machen’s “The Ritual”. It’s set in a Great Northern City at Christmas time, and features some rather…odd and ritualistic behaviour by a gang of street kids.
What was the best and the worst Christmas present you ever received?
The best was probably when my son was born – it was New Year’s Day 2004; a late Christmas present. The worst? I have no idea. I’m always grateful whenever anyone buys me a gift.
Who or what would you least like to be haunted by at Christmas?
Indigestion. Or the hangovers I used to have at that time of year during my twenties, when I would spend the entire festive period drunk because I hated it so much.
Can you tell us about any future projects?
I’m currently working on a new novel called “The Quiet Room”, then I’ll be writing a novel called “The Bones of You” that’s been commissioned by an acclaimed US publisher. My next published book is a short apocalyptic novel called “The End”, which will be out in 2013. That same year should also see a couple of my novellas and quite a few short stories. 


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