Stich Head by Guy Bass

In the maze-like dungeons of Castle Grotteskew, the frightfully insane Professor Erasmus conducts his bizarre experiments on living things. His very first creation has been long forgotten – a small, almost-human creature, known only as Stitch Head. Poor Stitch Head has spent years vying for attention amongst a menagerie of freakish monsters. When a travelling circus ringmaster, Fulbert Freakfinder, promises to make him a star, Stitch Head wonders whether there is another life for him. But first he has to catch the professor’s latest creation – a monstrous three-armed creature that’s just smashed its way to freedom . 

Long time readers of this blog will know that I have a history with Mr Guy Bass, and his books.  This is the man who I single-handedly lay the blame for igniting my sons passion for reading, and for that I thank him.  You see it was the combined love that both myself and my son had for his Dinkin’ Dings series of books  that led to many a night of bed time reading.  If you haven’t read these books then you really need to go and get a copy. 

Stitch Head carries on the fine tradition of Dinkin, where Dinkin was more a character that the reader laughed at for his silly fear of everything.  Stitch Head is a much more sympathetic character, one that you actually feel sorry for and really care for. Despite being ignored by his creator, he still remains unwaveringly faithful to him.  This gives him an almost sad little puppy vibe about him. 

However don’t fret, this isn’t a sad story, yes there is a sad emotional core to the story, but Guy Bass surrounds this heart with layers upon layers of witty writing, tongue and cheek humour, and a great deal of excitement.  To create a truly wonderful book.  This  is one of the finest books I have read this year.  

It  is the perfect sort of book for Dads to read to their kids.  I guarantee that the dads will get as much enjoyment from this fantastic piece of literature than their kids will.  Just be warned there is a bylaw that states all Dads must do silly voices for all the characters when reading this book.  


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