Interview: Thana Niveau: 13 Ghosts of Christmas

Today is the turn of Thana Niveau, Thana Niveau lives in a crumbling gothic tower in Wicker Man country. She shares her life with fellow horror scribe John Llewellyn Probert, in a Victorian library filled with arcane books and curiosities.

All her life Thana has been drawn to (some might say obsessed with) the darker aspects of life. She was a fearful child, plagued by nightmares and anxiety. Horror saved her. Scary films gave her an outlet for all that darkness and fear became her friend. Jason and Freddy were her childhood companions. On the literary side, Poe was her first great horror love, followed swiftly by Stephen King and Ramsey Campbell. Their stories frightened her while at the same time inspiring her. She still had nightmares, but now they were more like visits from a slightly sadistic muse. Writing all the scary stuff down turned it from a curse into a blessing.

Although she’s been writing all her life, she’s only recently begun to publish and she has had the great pleasure to appear in anthologies alongside some of her favourite writers in the genre.
Can you tell us little bit about yourself?
I’m originally from the States but have called the UK home for about 10 years. And I’ve loved horror all my life. Scary films and books gave me an outlet for my natural anxiety and fear but writing my own stories was even more fun. What better way to shake off the remnants of a nightmare than to inflict it on someone else? I’ve got quite a few stories floating around out there and in September I launched my first short story collection, From Hell to Eternity (Gray Friar Press).
I live with my partner and fellow horror scribe John Llewellyn Probert in a gothic Victorian library deep in the heart of the original Wicker Man country. And by the time you read this we’ll be married, having tied the knot on Halloween.
Why did you decide to submit a story to this anthology?
I had never written a Christmas story before and always wanted to explore the idea of evil snow.
Can you tell us what to expect from your story?
Chionophobia hopefully! A freak storm buries the UK in snow one Christmas. But the snow has some strange qualities, as the undeserving characters in the story soon discover.
What was the best and the worst Christmas present you ever received?
I don’t think there ever was a worst one but I’ll never forget the best: an Irish setter puppy who was my best friend for the next 14 years.
Who or what would you least like to be haunted by at Christmas?
The Slender Man or the demons from SINISTER and INSIDIOUS.
Can you tell us about any future projects?
I have a few new stories coming out: “Tentacular Spectacular” in Steampunk Cthulhu; “Xibalba” in Exotic Gothic 5; “Death Walks En Pointe” in Bite-Sized Horror 2 and “Beneath the Ice” in Cthulhurotica 2.
I’m also working on a novel, a haunted house story partly inspired by the crumbling gothic tower we live in.



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