Interview Richard Farren Barber: 13 Ghosts of Christmas

Today it is the turn of Richard Farren Barber 

 Can you tell us little bit about yourself?

I live just outside of Nottingham with my wife and son. I was introduced to horror fiction when I was about 9 through Robert Westall’s books and the Pan/Armada books of horror. I have never seen a ghost (that I am aware of…) 

Why did you decide to submit a story to this anthology?

Because it was Spectral Press!

And because I love the tradition of Christmas ghost stories. If Halloween is for slasher-fiction then Christmas is definitely for the quiet chills of a spectre floating through the snow and fog.

Can you tell us what to expect from your story?

“Where the Stones Lie” is set in my Aunt’s house in Ireland, where we used to visit every second year (one year Skegness, the next year Ireland…). It concerns the ruins of an old house and the way the past bleeds into the present. 

What was the best and the worst Christmas present you ever received?

When I was about 10 I had to have an Eagle (you know, the white-scaffold spaceships from Space 1999). I was obviously good at dropping hints because when I opened my presents on Christmas morning I did indeed get an Eagle – but an Airfix model of a US fighter plane by the same name. 

The best present? Probably the iPod my wife bought me; although it does mean I now spend a lot more time in the kitchen than before.

Who or what would you least like to be haunted by at Christmas?

My Granny’s dog. It was a blind Pomeranian and it used to live behind the sofa. Childhood visits were blighted by the terror of the yapping sound and the threat it might emerge from its den and attack your ankles.

Can you tell us about any future projects?

I’m currently editing a couple of novellas (“The Weight of Water” and “Grey” although the titles will probably change before they see the light of day) and then I’m editing my novel “The Lost” which follows Karl; a new council-employee being mentored in his role as exorcist by old lad Archie.


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