NEWS :Mass Movement #34

Mass Movement #34 is available for freedownload from the link below. Download, read, enjoy and spread the word…
Mass Movement #34 – Interviews withTherapy?, Fear Factory, Steve Niles, Goodtime Boys, The Sword, Charlie Higson, Ensiferum, Herder, Michael Biehn & Jennifer Blanc Biehn, Strife, Lucy Davis, Wintersun, Thorun. PLUS Gary McMahon talks about his life in books. … Plus all the usual features, columns, reviews, and yup, you guessed it, much, much more. And it’s all FREE! What are you waiting for? Hit the link, download and enjoy… Oh, and folks, all the links in the magazine are active, just hit ‘em and you’ll be taken straight to the website, Facebook, My Space or Twitter of whoever and whatever you’ve just been reading about, and don’t forget, if you enjoyed a feature, column or interview and want to drop any of us a line, please do so… Enjoy the magazine, Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!


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