Attention Horror Movie Fans!
The “Blood Drive” has begun for the up-coming independent film, Predatory Moon.
Predatory Moon is an old-school style werewolf movie that is scheduled for production in April. It is being directed by FX artist Shiva Rodriguez, who plans to include an on-screen transformation using only practical effects and makeup.
The crew of Predatory Moon is very excited about this ambitious project and they’ve just launched an unusual “Blood Drive” video series to help raise money for the production. To pave the way for the werewolves, they will be slaughtering a different horror movie monster every time a milestone is met on their indiegogo campaign.
You can see the videos for the Blood Drive here:
The campaign ends on January 2, 2013.

Kyle Reading is a zoologist who has been studying wild animal attacks across the country in hopes of finding ways to prevent them. When a young boy is allegedly killed by a bear in Florida, Kyle launches his own investigation. He quickly turns his attention to Dean Clout, the child’s uncle, who somehow survived the vicious attack.
Dean, infamous for being the town drunk, remembers very little about his brush with the bear. Found unconscious in the woods, he only recalls that he and the boy were left there by a friend who went to run an errand and never came back.
But in the weeks following the attack, Dean begins to drop some of his bad habits and pick up some strange new ones. Kyle is convinced that Dean was actually attacked by a werewolf and wants to help him deal with his new condition while keeping the rest of his family safe. He knows that the lycanthropic disease runs in a twenty-eight day cycle and that Dean is running out of time.
Unfortunately for Kyle, there is someone who has been keeping a close eye on him. Someone who sees an advantage to having a stranger in town who cries “werewolf”.
Producer / Casting Director – Virginia Jasper
Co- Producer – Garo Nigoghossian
Director / FX Supervisor – Shiva Rodriguez
Director of Photography – Garith Pettibone
Unit Production Manager – Daiv Russell
Assistant Director – Jeremy Westrate
Assistant Camera – Meghan Christine
Script Supervisor – Nicole Salvato
Stunt Coordinator – D. Duckie Rodriguez
Creature Designer – Daniel Byrd

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