Guest Post : Science Fantasies I DON’T EVER want to come true by Benjamin Kane Ethridge

Today I am very honoured to have Benjamin Kane Ethridge over for a guest post as part of his

Dungeon Brain Blog Tour 

Tractor beams

I find the idea of an invisible force grabbing your vehicle and pulling it to a different location intensely disturbing. How out of control would that get? Rapists, serial killers and predators of every sort could point and shoot and then have a car or boat or a spaceship with a bunch of helpless victims. Sure, the cops might be able to turn the tide and prevent high speed chases from getting out of control, but as with fully automatic assault weapons in the hands of criminals, the power game changes when they get their own tractor beams. Besides, nobody wants high speed chases going away. News network execs would self immolate just before jumping from their highest buildings. Hopefully they can be doused with a firehouse and saved with a tractor beam before impact. Anyway, I pray this technology never becomes reality. People will not use it in a happy fashion.

Artificial Emotion

Intelligence is one thing, but why do people want machines to develop emotions? Is it because we can see ourselves as machines in the first place and these metal versions of ourselves are missing something? Perhaps there is something too that. But emotion? In a human programmed computer? That can lead to robots lusting over people, or preying after them. And it turns out those news execs won’t be alone. How about robot suicide? C3PO can’t take it that R2 blew his converter unit and so he’s heading up to a clock tower to shoot people, then once satisfied, off himself. But see this foolery brings up something scarier—we humans normally have our emotions in check because of our morality. Give emotions to something that knows it can be fixed or brought back to life? Maybe by some of its robot friends that won’t wipe its memory… get my drift? With emotions, you’ll get some pretty powerful and egotistical robots. It won’t take long for them to realize that organic life is inferior. Our only hope at that point is empathy—however, if their emotions are programmed to be like ours, we don’t often have a collective empathy worth boasting over.

Time Travel / Dimensional Shifting

I often trip over my children’s toys and stub my toe. What if I’d never had children? Would that mean less stubbed toes, or would it mean I died in a head-on collision the day they were being born? Reality was that I was in the hospital, safely watching my wife suffer to push them out of her body and into a doctor’s hands, instead of becoming a semi-truck crushing me. There is no way to know what our choices can lead us to, or from, for that matter. The human race would have nothing substantial; it would constantly be in flux, at odds with itself. In the end, it would be terrifying because life would become this shifting dream of the past infused with the future. And don’t get me started on entering into other dimensions. We can hardly handle the one we were given. Messing with this kind of stuff I can only liken to a big dumb man regarding a load-bearing beam and thinking, “uhhhh dyyyyyyyyyyeeee wonder if I can break that in two with my forehead?” Snap. Yes. Congratulations imbecile, you’ve proven you possessed the power to sever the very thing that kept you safe and tangible. Now, enjoy yourself while the building buries you in 7000 tons of rubble.

Guess my point is, don’t tangle with time and space, it just cannot end well.

Benjamin Kane Ethridge – Dungeon Brain – Oct. 30 to Nov. 27

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