Interview: Five Minutes With Thana Niveau

 Today’s Five minutes with interview is with Thana Niveau, I have just recently discovered Thana’s writing and I mightily impressed with what I have read.  Her story in The Ninth Black Book of Horror was one of my favourites of the anthology.  She has just published an anthology of her stories, and it is one that I for one am really looking forward to reading.  

Could you tell the readers a little bit about yourself?

I’ve loved horror ever since I was little and I was lucky enough to have understanding parents who shared my fascination and took me to see films like Alien and Friday the 13thin the cinema before I was 10. I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember too but I’ve only recently started publishing. I live in a former library in a gothic Victorian building with fellow horror writer John Llewellyn Probert. We got married on Halloween to the strains of Christopher Young’s Hellraiser score.
Do you prefer the term Horror, Weird Fiction or Dark Fiction?
I like both Horror and Weird Fiction, depending on the individual story. I don’t think the terms are interchangeable. I know there are writers who dislike the “ghetto” label of Horror but I’m not one of them!
Who are some of your favourite authors?
Shirley Jackson, Ramsey Campbell, Gillian Flynn, Stephen King, Ray Bradbury and the usual suspects: Lovecraft, Machen, Poe, Aickman…
What are you reading now?
The Secret of Anatomy by Mark Morris.
Which book do you wish you had written?
The Yellow Wall-Paper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman.
How would you describe your writing style?
I have no idea! LOL It probably shows signs of my influences and favourite authors but I honestly don’t know. You’d have to ask someone else…
Describe a typical day spent writing. Do you have any unusual writing habits?
Well, I’m one of those rarest of creatures: a Morning Person. So I suppose that’s a bit unusual. I do my best work very early. I usually have horror film scores playing while I write – whatever best fits the mood of the current project. Some of my favourites to write to are Hellraiser (Christopher Young), A Tale of Two Sisters (Byung-Woo Lee), The Howling (Pino Donaggio), Pan’s Labyrinth (Javier Navarrete) and various giallo scores – particularly Le Mani Sporche / Mio Caro Assassino(Ennio Morricone).
What piece of your own work are you most proud of?
I suppose my first publication, the story “From Hell to Eternity”. I wrote it for the Whitechapel Society’s first-ever Jack the Ripper short story contest and it won first place. It was a real challenge to write within the small word limit (3000 words) and I think it’s a cracking little story that does a lot in its tiny running time.
Can you tell us about your last book, and can you tell us about what you are working on next?
I’ve just published my first short story collection, From Hell to Eternity, and I’m currently working on a haunted house novel that exploits my personal fears and obsessions. At the moment it’s called The Needing but I daren’t presume that will be the final title! Tagline: Nick and Elisabeth are happily married and don’t want children, but the house they’ve just moved into does. 

 If you enjoyed this interview, and fancy reading some of Thana’s  work then please consider purchasing it through the link below.  The Small remuneration I receive goes a long way in keeping this site active. 

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