Interview: Five Minutes with Glen Krisch

Today I am honoured to have Glen Krisch over for a chat, Glen Krisch has written three novels: The Nightmare Within, Where Darkness Dwells, and Nothing Lasting. His short fiction has appeared in publications across three continents for the last decade. Dog Horn Publishing (U.K.) will publish his story collection debut in 2012.

He is also an editor for Morrigan Books. As a freelance editor, he has worked on books by Tim Lebbon and Lawrence Block, among others.

Could you tell the readers a little bit about yourself?
I have three boys, a wife, and a skittish lab-mix.  We live in a small town about 90 minutes from Chicago.  I work at a warehouse during the weekends and play Mr. Mom during the week.  While I write during my free time, I’m making a big push to be able to do this writing thing fulltime. 
Do you prefer the term Horror, Weird Fiction or Dark Fiction?

I don’t know…  I write fiction that is dark.  Does that work?  Sometimes the stories are straight-out horror, other times they are science fiction or fantasy. 
Who are some of your favourite authors?

King, Simmons, Crouch, Lebbon, Kealan Patrick Burke, McCammon, Ketchum… the list is variable.  Ask me next week and you might get a different answer.
What are you reading now?

I read multiple books at once, and this fragmenting has only worsened since I bought my Kindle.  Right now… The Wool Omnibus by Hugh Howey, Nemesis by Burke, Dandelion Wine by Bradbury.
Which book do you wish you had written?

IT by Stephen King.  Such an immersive tale!
How would you describe your writing style?

Character driven, definitely.  The circumstances and conflicts might change, but I always populate my stories with characters that feel like real-life people.  And I love shades of gray.  I rarely employ a simple good guy/bad guy dichotomy.  My heroes are flawed and my monsters have the inkling of a heart.   
Describe a typical day spent writing. Do you have any unusual writing habits?

I tend to write while wearing earplugs.  I can totally immerse myself in the story if I can shut out the real world.  Right now I try to write before everyone wakes up and during our youngest son’s naps.  I wish there were more hours to dedicate to writing, but it adds up.
What piece of your own work are you most proud of?

Where Darkness Dwells.  It was the most difficult novel I’ve written.  A lot went into it, and it took a lot out of me.  And the fact that most people think it’s my best work tells me I accomplished what I set out to do. 
Can you tell us about your last book, and can you tell us about what you are working on next?

Just as my reading is fragmented, my writing is as well.  I hope to soon have a major announcement concerning Nothing Lasting, a coming-of-age horror novel set in 1984.  I’m currently wrapping up a novel I plan to use to launch a pen name. I’m also working on the first Brother’s Keeper novel (an expansion of the novella), as well as a cannibal holocaust novel I’m co-writing with Charles Colyott.  If you haven’t checked out Charlie’s work, do it now!  He’s a talented, talented, s.o.b.
 If you enjoyed this interview, and fancy reading some of Glen’s work then please consider purchasing it through the link below.  The Small remuneration I receive goes a long way in keeping this site active. 

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