Today is a good day, as I have another of my dearest friends over for a chat.  D Lovell, is another poor soul who first encountered me on Brian Keene’s now defunct message board.  Lovell haas been like a sister to me for years, abliet a sister who likes to give me wedges, and Chinese Burns.

Tell us about yourself

Ugh.  I hate this part, ginger. Ummm…my name is Donnise Lovell (ignore the “e”, it throws off pronunciation.  Don’t look at me…i didn’t get a vote on the matter.)  I live in Nacogdoches, TX.  I have the universe’s most amazing boyfriend & two kick-ass kids.  I love my job and have a pretty badass boss.  My favourite past time is mocking and torturing red-headed Scotsmen.

Btw, piss on you silly Europeans & your unnecessary U’s mucking up my spellcheck.

What’s your favourite genre, and why?

i’m a huge fan of splatterpunk midget p0rn.  Actually, my favourite is psychological horror (though i really DO like splatterpunk).  I like things that twist my imagination into unrecognizable shapes.

Can you remember what first set you on this path?

Birth?  *shrugs*

Is there anything about the genre you dislike?

Sometimes authors get too wordy.  If you think you have to use twenty synonyms for the word “morbid” or “torture”, you’ve lost me.  Paint me a picture, but don’t let the subject drown under nine layers of colour   I like a clean, straight-forward story.  Your story should speak for itself.

Who are your favourite authors?

oh, gosh.  Some of my favorite authors aren’t part of the genre…which i know contradicts psych horror being my favorite.  But it should also be noted that my favorite type of food is Italian, but sushi is my absolute favorite thing to eat.  That being said, Steinbeck is probably my all-time favorite, but i really like David Morrell, John Skipp, Joe Landsdale (shout out!), and i still have a very special place in my heart for Mary Shelley.

Have your tastes changed over the years?

naw, man.  I’m still ALL about the Ramona books.

What would be your desert island book?

how to get off a desert island

What are you reading now?

Technically, this survey.  Other than that, I’ve been working on the girl with the dragon tattoo for a while now, in addition to a re-reading of the murders in the rue morgue, and i’m starting (again) on overkill.

Have you discovered any new authors of note this year?

“NEW” new, or just “new to me” new?  I don’t think i’ve discovered any “NEW” new ones, but i HAVE finally started really reading some of steven shrewsbury’s and Michael west’s work.  Shrews & i go way back, and i’m a little ashamed i’m only just now starting to really read his stuff.

Are there any books being released in the future that you are really looking forward to reading?

I’ve gotta knock a few out of my tbr pile before i add to it, but the only one i can think of that i’m really looking forward to at the moment is jim cobb’s prepper’s home defense.  Shut up.


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