Review :A Requiem for Dead Flies by Peter N. Dudar

After their mother’s miscarriage, Lester and Gordon MacAuley were sent to Battle View Farm to stay with their grandmother for the summer. But the house on Battle View Farm has a haunting secret. As Grandma Vivian slowly slipped into madness, the brothers’ lives became entangled in mortal danger. That summer of terror left them scarred and plagued by the family’s dark secret.
Now, years later, the MacAuley brothers have returned with dreams of breathing new life into Battle View Farm. But living in the house on Battle View Farm, they are forced to face their past and solve the mystery that began generations ago. And to face the ghosts that still haunt their family’s legacy.
A legacy written in dead flies. 

Nightscape Press are fast becoming a big name in the genre in the short time that they have been active, they have shown the ability to pick a good story.  A Requiem For Dead Flies,  carries on this tradition in great style.

It takes a lot for a book to unsettle me, unless it has Nuns it it, then I become deeply unsettled, but this book did manage to unsettle me.   Partly because this book doesn’t rely on the well worn  tropes so often used by other writers.  Dudar, hints at the threats from the word go, but he cleverly he never gives too much away as the story unfolds, and it this drip feeding of terror that helps to build the tension and terror that oozes through this book.

The use of the Dead Flies of the title is sublime, we all shudder when we hear sound of a lone blue bottle buzzing around the house, so just imagine that shudder multiplies a thousand fold and you will get a feel for just how unsettling this book is.

And like many of the great supernatural stories that have been coming out of late the supernatural elements  to the story are kept subtle with the true horror of the novel coming form the revalations and discoveries that the brothers make as the story unfolds.

This is a strong tale that will dance around the dark recesses of your mind for long time.


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