Fan Tales,: Paul Synuria II

I’m honoured to have my good friend Paul Synuria II, over for a chat.  I first met Paul on Brian Keene’s message board a time when we both had a lot more hair. Paul is a great guy with a passion for all things horror.

Tell us about yourself

 My name is Paul Synuria II aka noigeloverlord I’m married to my beautiful wife Lisa and have two wonderful kids Evette and Sabastian. I work with people who have Mental Illnesses been in the field for over 20 years
What’s your favourite genre, and why?
Without a question Horror followed closely by Horror then Thiller
Can you remember what first set you on this path?
My Dad always took me to the Drive In when I was a kid and it was usally Horror movies. I seen Rabid, The Fury, Susperia, Phantasm, Shivers, The Manitu, The Brood plus tons more all on The Big Screen. Then in 7thgrade a Teacher let me borrow Night Shift by Stephen King which = Horror for life.
Is there anything about the genre you dislike?
Sparkly Vampires and PG13 in general
Who are your favourite authors?
Bryan Smith, Brian Keene, J,F. Gonzalez, Wrath James White, Michael  West, John Horner Jacobs
Have your tastes changed over the years?
Not really
What would be your desert island book?
How To Build A Raft When Stranded On A Desert Island
What are you reading now?
Blood Crazy – Simon Clark  Which the font is killing me cause it’s way to small!!
Have you discovered any new authors of note this year?
John Horner Jacobs which is kinda cheating cause it was end of last year when I started to read him.
Are there any books being released in the future that you are really looking forward to reading?
Suburban Gothic – Brian Keene
The Late Night Horror Show – Bryan Smith

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