Review : Last Days, by Adam Nevell

Not content with scaring me witless with his last novel, Ritual, a novel that still has me look over my shoulder, and jumping at every sudden noise, when I go for a walk in the woods. 

 Adam Nevill, has now decided to pile on the scares, chills and horror with his latest stunning masterpiece.  And I don’t say that lightly, Nevill, really is a master of the genre, he effortlessly combines bone chill scares, and  atmospheric settings, with realistic dialogue, and above all  characters, that aren’t your typical cookie cutter protagonist.  If you are looking for a book populated with handsome heroes and dazzling heroines, then you should look elsewhere.  However, if you are looking for novels where the characters act real, characters that when faced with unnatural situations don’t automatically turn into the muscled super hero beloved by many books, but actually act much like you and I would.  The moan, bitch, argue amongst themselves and generally stumble there way to the books conclusion.  It’s these characteristics that makes his books special, well that and Nevill’s ability to chill me to the very core of my being.  

Last Days  tells the story of struggling indie film maker  Kyle Freeman, who is given an opportunity   of a lifetime, one that would pay off all his debts and set him up for life.  Tasked with filming  the story of the a cult called The Church Of The Last Days, Kyle will soon discover that the Cult is far from dead, and there are things from beyond the veil desperate to find there way back to this plane.  

This is an expansive and ambitious novel, that sets new standards in terror.  The rich and detailed back story that intertwines itself around the main narrative adds a fascinating depth to an already exceptional novel.  I loved how this novel also gave a knowing wink to the earlier works of Nevill, those of you who have read his other stuff will raise a wry smile at them, and those of you who haven’t go and get Adam’s other novels, read them first then read this, trust me it’s an experience that you will love.  

Last Days is one of the best modern Occult horror stories that I have read in recent memory, it’s one of those novels that I would give to those who don’t do horror.  Yes the writing is that good. 

My only gripe, is thanks to this book I have to keep checking that odd stain on the wall of my walk in wardrobe, I swear I can see a face there.


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