BOOK NEWS : Crooked House by Joe McKinney

In this republican country, amid the fluctuating waves of our social life, somebody is always at the drowning point.

Those words were true when Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote them in 1851, and they were true in 1933, when a fire burned half of Crook House to the ground, taking James Crook’s wife and two sons with it.  A disgraced bootlegger and former pro baseball player, James Crook returned from prison to find his house, and his life, a pile of cinders.  Broken and insane, he rebuilt Crook House, putting his pain and loneliness into every timber.

But Hawthorne’s words are still true today, and nobody knows that better than Dr. Robert Bell, who has just moved into Crook House as part of his hiring package from a small Texas college.  He soon discovers that Crook House is more than just a new beginning for himself and Sarah and their daughter Angela.  For the Bell family, Crook House is a place where the past still lives, and its horrors waiting for the next drowning man.

With Crooked House, Joe McKinney brings you a chilling novel in the vein of The Shining by Stephen King, a haunted house tale that will stay with you long after the final page is turned.



 Premium leather-bound Deluxe Lettered Hardcover w/slipcase: mint and first edition, lettered A-Z, 6”x9”, bound in leather, signature page which is signed by both author and artist, front cover stamped and spine stamped with the title and the author’s name, includes end papers, colored book ribbon with a full colored header, 60lb. natural vellum stock, a slipcase bound in leatherette and laminated dust jacket.  Only twenty-six copies are ever produced and lettered worldwide.

 150 Signed and Numbered Limited Hardcover: mint and first edition, numbered 1-150, 6”x9”, bound in leatherette, signed by the author, stamped on the spine with the title and author’s name, includes end papers, colored book ribbon, multi-colored header, 60lb. natural vellum stock and laminated dust jacket.  Only one hundred and fifty are ever produced and numbered worldwide.

 Halloween Grab Bag (Crooked House paperback included): get all the slithering horrors in the limited time Halloween Grab Bag and ensure Crooked House by Joe McKinney is one of the trade paperback titles you receive.  The Halloween Grab Bag includes: 1x Signed and Numbered Limited Hardcover, 2x Fiction Trade Paperbacks, 1x Poetry Trade Paperback, 1x DRP t-shirt (leave size request in order comments), 1x DRP bookmark and the new story from Jeff Strand “Protect Us From The Piranha People!”  Any Halloween Grab Bag buyers also have a chance to win a membership to the 2012 DRP Book Club ($210 value).  Grab Bag will ship once Crooked House is in stock.


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