Ten dark tales. A reluctant candy striper suffers through a night from hell in what was once a tuberculosis sanatorium. Are a young mother-to-be’s frightening visions for real? The spirit of an English girl searches for her father during the London Blitz. Two cousins fight over a cherished doll – with disastrous results. The vengeful ghost of a murdered child haunts a southern plantation. A woman is forced to face her demons – from this world and the next. A construction worker gets more than he bargained for when he bets against a cursed antique. A sports car changes a nerdy teenager’s life. The spirits of a mysterious woman’s dead children haunt a playground. An Appalachian girl hatches a plan to summon her dead lover’s spirit by using a special kind of magic.

Ten dark tales include 8 reprints and 2 newer stories. 1. The White Death 2. Little White Casket 3. Ghost Writer 4. Angeline 5. Flower Girl 6. What Happened in the Cellar 7. Frankie Revetta’s Favorite Chair 8. Red Barchetta 9. Playground for the Dead 10. The Power of Moonlight.


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