Spectral Press News

 Spectral Press has just announced the table of contents for its first and hopefully annual anthology of Christmas Ghost Stories.  Here is the list of stories to be featured in the inaugural edition of the

Spectral Christmas Ghost Story Annual – The Thirteen Ghosts of Christmas 2012.

Where the Stones Lie – Richard Farren Barber
A Taste of Almonds  – Raven Dane
All that is Living – Nic Martin
And May All your Christmases  – Thana Niveau
Carnacki: A Cold Christmas in Chelsea – William Meikle
Concerning Events in Leinster Gardens – Jan Edwards
December  – Paul Finch
An Odd Number at Table – John Costello
We are a Shadow  – Neil Williams
Lost Soldiers – Adrian Tchaikovsky
Ritualism – Gary McMahon
Now and Then – Martin Roberts
(Please note: there will be one more story featured – still awaiting confirmation)
Based on the quality of Spectral’s chapbooks, and two novellas, this is going straight to the top of my Christmas list.  And I think rather than stuffing your loved ones stocking with silly gifts like perfume and choclate, you should stuff it with a copy of this book.

And stay tuned from the 12 Dec 2012, I will be running a set of mini interviews  with the authors and Simon Marshall Jones to celebrate its launch 


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