Refuge By Jason D. Brawn

If you go down to the woods today you’re for the shock of your life.  Ray Blackstone, is not having a good day, at the start of this novelette, he has just survived a car crash, after coming to he and his group of mates, unsure of where they are gather their stuff and head of into the woods.  As fans of horror know, his is never  a good idea.  You see there is something in the woods that is stalking them, taking refuge in an old cabin they hunker down for the night, hoping that in the daylight they can get their bearings and find away out of the woods.

What follows is an excellent homage to 80’s horror, Refuge  reads like a classic from this era, with some excellent imagery and a twist in the tale that comes completely out of the blue.  This tight story packs in enough thrills and scares to keep even the most jaded horror fan happy. My only criticism  of this story is it suffers from a not having a strong sense of location, there are points in the story that will leave the reader wondering if the story is set in the UK or the US.  The bonnet of the car is referred to as a hood, and the police are called The Old Bill.  However setting this grumble aside, you are left with an exciting story that delivers the chills in spades.


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