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It’s with deepest regret that I have decided to no longer take part in blog tours.  Over the last few months I have either been left hanging, with no materials being sent over, or interviews that I have sent out never being sent back,  or having the blog materials sent to me the day before the organisers want me to post it.

I’m just one man, I work nights and and have two kids to look after, for something that should be simple and easy to do, these blog tours just seem to be to much work.

This is not decision I have taken lightly, the aim of Ginger Nuts was always to help spread the word about great authors, some of whom are well known, and some of who are not so well known.  The site has never been about me or how many blog hits I can get in a month.  However, the amount of work I put into some of these tours, have resulted in some of the poorest viewing figures ever.  I would rather put the time and effort into getting the hits for an author that I know personally and have interacted with in more than a can you review my book please interaction.




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