Books On My Radar

Here are some books, that I am looking forward to reading.  I think you will get a kick out of them as well. 

Introduction by Ramsey Campbell


Where shadows speak from the depths of a haunted sea.
Where a little girl’s obsession conjures a terrible bogeyman.
Where a woman’s body becomes her own worst enemy.


Where familiar places harbour ancient evil.
Where a dinner party descends into blood, sex, madness and death.
Where a camera can steal more than your very soul.

Enter the strange and disturbing world of Thana Niveau, where fear reigns eternal, and nightmares last forever; where your only refuge is madness and there is always something waiting in the dark.

Won’t you join her?

Gray Friar Press is proud to present sixteen tales of supernatural horror from a new Mistress of the Macabre.

Buy it HERE 

East Anglia – a drear, flat land of fens and broads, lone gibbets and isolated cottages, where demon dogs howl in the night, witches and warlocks lurk at every crossroads, and corpse-candles burn in the marshland …
The giggling horror of Dagworth
The wandering torso of Hippisburgh
The vile apparaition at Wicken
The slavering beast of Rendlesham
The faceless evil on Wallasea
The killer hounds of Southery
The dark guardian of Wandlebury

And more chilling tales by Alison Littlewood, Reggie Oliver, Roger Johnson, Steve Duffy and other award-winning masters and mistresses of the macabre.

Buy it HERE 

The Tale of Edgar Trunk: Book 1 is a mystery adventure about Edgar, who has been orphaned since age 1 and spent most of his ten years in a horrible sludge factory. Under the tutelage of the towering and monstrous Uncle Warnock, he has lived life knowing only the joys of the occasional book (until Warnock finds and burns it) and the camaraderie of the lanky and awkward fellow Stewpot.

But everything changes for Edgar when a mysterious knocking sound draws him into the maze of factory hallways and through a peculiar door, where an entire world of curiosities and adventure opens up before him. However, to realize his true destiny he will have to escape the terrifying evil force known only as IT and solve the mysteries of the factory before it is too late

When we think of a wonder, our minds go most often to the great buildings of the past – the pyramids, the Taj Mahal, Stonehenge – but the human mind can make almost anything wondrous. We walk with wonders every day, through the power of curiosity and imagination and our human tendency to make stories about what we fear, what we desire, what we wish to understand. This collection offers new glimpses into the wonder we all feel. Discover standing stones, burial mounds, ruined castles and sunken cities: the ancient sites that litter our landscapes; the ancient wonders that possess a mysterious appeal that cannot be denied. Includes stories by Adrian Tchaikovsky, Aliette de Bodard, Peter Crowther, Anne Nicholls, Adrian Cole, Pauline E Dungate, Bryn Fortey, William Meikle, John Howard, James Brogden, Shannon Connor Winward, Misha Herwin, Lynn M Cochrane and Selina Lock

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