Splatterpunk Zine : A Review

There are days when doing this just feels like a drag, and there are days where doing this just feels like the best thing in the world.
This is one of the good days.  When I was asked to review a new Horror zine, I had no idea they meant Zine in the classic sense of the word. It’s a depressing thought that there is a generation of kids who don’t fully know what a Zine is.  
For those of us of a certain age, there will be some fond memories of Zines.  Splatterpunk is the début edition of what looks to be based on the quality of this one a must read.  Founded by Jack Bantry, who by the sounds of his first entertaining editorial discovered the wonders of horror round about the same time as I did.  This fanzine  as the title suggests geared towards the gorier end of the genre.  An end of the genre that has in recent years received a bit too much flak for my liking.  This is an opinion that shared by author Wayne Simmons in his column Punk On Punk”.  

Bolstering these two fine pieces are two interviews with  horror legends, one with Jack Ketchum, and another featuring Andre Duza, and Wrath James White.  Just how Jack managed to secure interviews with these guys, for this début edition amazes me.  But not as much as how he managed to get  Jeff Strand, Tim Curran, and WD Gagliani & Dave Benton to give up some of their fiction.  The quality of these stories is excellent, especially Jeff Strands, he manages toto deliver in 700 words what many authors can’t do in 70000.  
Rounding of the interviews, stories and columns are some concise book reviews.  
I love the whole DIY feel of this Zine, from the photocopied paper, to the black and drawings that accompany the stories.  Even the presence of a couple of typos adds to the retro feel of this publication.   This is a publication that just feels as though the main driving force behind it is not to make money, but to spread the love and joy for this particular brand of horror.  I look forward to reading future editions of this excellent zine. 
For more information and ordering details please head on over to the Splatterpunk website. 

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