Those of you who know their genre history will know who Professor Challenger is.  Those of you who don’t shame on you.  Professor Challenger is the creation of the master of story telling Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, not as well known perhaps as his fictional brother Sherlock, but to this reviewer he was by far my favourite.  When I heard that this character was going to be brought back from the literary graveyard, I could have banged by head against a wall in despair, however, when the  name of  William Meikle was attached to the project my forehead was sparred a bashing.

How better to start a story but with talk about mysterious lights over an English moor, and a letter from Professor Challenger summoning his associate Mallone to investigate.  The investigation soon leads to a research station in the Bristol Channel, where our heroes will face a ravenous terror from a time before man.

Regular readers to this blog will know all too well about my sheer joyous love for the works of William Meikle, a love that has out lived the very book store where I bought my first ever Meikle book.  You see Willie write books I want to read, no need to read.  These are the sort of books that  will bring a big cheesy grin to your face.  And this one is no exception.  Willlie’s lean writing style, strips away any superfluous prose, to throw the reader into a non-stop, action packed and glorious Saturday Morning matinee style romp, that will not fail to entertain.

This may well be a highly entertaining story, but for this story to really work, it has to stand up to being a Professor Challenger novel, otherwise there is no point in it being marketed as one.  Rest assured folks Willie does a grand job in capturing the essence and spirit of what made these books a favourite of mine.  If ever there was a character that Meikle was destined to resurrect then I think Professor Challenger is it.



  1. Thanks for the advance review, Jimbo. Glad you liked it. I'm also putting the finishing touches this week to PROFESSOR CHALLENGER: THE KEW GROWTHS AND OTHER STORIES, a collection coming from Dark Regions next year.

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