Lunar By Paul Kane.

Bad Moon Books have announced details of there new book from talented author Paul Kane.  The book is available as a signed limited edition hardcover. 

It should have been the perfect evening. But for blue collar delivery man Nick Skinner, the romantic time he spent with the love of his life, Dawn, has just turned into his worst nightmare. Waking suddenly, he’s attacked by something feral in his room…and it’s not alone. The clock is frozen at just gone midnight and only certain things work—only some lights, only some vehicles. The city has become a hunting ground for the “loons”: humanoid creatures with claws and completely white eyes, just like the moon above that seems to be influencing them. As Nick attempts to work out what is going on in this never-ending night, he must also fight to survive. But are there any others still left alive? And what has happened to Dawn?

“Paul Kane’s writing has a style and elegance…he’s a first rate storyteller, never failing to marry his insights into the world and its anguish with the pleasures of phrases eloquently turned.” —Clive Barker, bestselling author of ARABAT and THE HELLBOUND HEART


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