The Narrows by Ronald Malfi

I’m a big fan of Ronald’s work and this sounds right up my street.

The town of Stillwater has a very unwelcome resident.
The town of Stillwater has been dying—the long and painful death of a town ravaged by floods and haunted by the ghosts of all who had lived there. Yet this most recent flood has brought something with it—a creature that nests among the good folks of Stillwater…and feeds off them. The children who haven’t disappeared whisper the same word—“vampire.” But they’re wrong. What has come to Stillwater is something much more horrific.

“Floating Staircase deserves to stand alongside a Stephen King or a Dean Koontz–at their best.”

New York Journal of Books

“Malfi’s use of language and his power of description are sublime.”

—Norman L. Rubenstein, Fear Zone

“Eerie, unpredictable, and exciting. Malfi’s lyrical prose and sensitive approach only heighten his tale’s emotional impact.”

—Publishers Weekly on Floating Staircase

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