My Reviews and Me

Every now and then I wonder about my reviews.  When I go to some of my favourite review sites I notice that they for the most part offer a much more in depth and critical analysis of books that they review.  Lately, especially with all the sock puppets coming out of the dirty washing basket, I’ve toyed with the idea of changing the tone of my reviews.  But after a lot of soul searching and thought I’ve decided to say bugger to that.  Why’s that I hear you ask?  Surely if you are more critical about the books you read, it gives the reviews more validity. Well that may well be the case but that’s just not who or what I am.

I started doing this when my old interweb mate Willie Meikle suggested it as a means to occupy my time after having rather a lot of bone grafts done.  Hence the rather flippant name of the blog.  There are very few things in life that I take seriously, it’s who I am.  At the time I never dreamed that I would get to meet so many talented authors, authors who I have come to care a lot about.  And I would never have imagined that this tiny little corner of the web would get 35,000 – 45,000 hits a month. Christ this is site is written by someone who failed his Higher English exam three times, who would discover two years after graduating from university that he was dyslexic.  And this leads to me to why I write my reviews the way I do.

I love to read, but reading has always been a challenge, and while at school, the English teachers just thought I was stupid, and basically gave up on me. (please note this is not a sob story).  So I never really got the basic grounding in grammar, punctuation, and spelling.  Even now it’s a constant battle, one I know I will never win.  So when I read a novel, or a short story, the book has to grip me, and elicit an emotional response. It could getting a sense of thrilling adventure,,such as the books of Willie Meikle, a sense of dark and brooding terror that the works of Gary McMahon give me, the sense of joyous wonder that the Necroscope books give me,  or the even the sense of loss and heartache that Mark West’s writing give me.

It’s not my place to talk about the mechanics of writing, what I hope the readers of this blog get from my reviews is the sense of joy and entertainment I get from reading these wonderful books.  You’ll never read a review of a truly awful book here.  I never finish a book I don’t like.  It’s far too much effort.  That and what with author meltdowns happening every other second I can’t be bothered with any more hassle.  I had that at the start and I’m to old and far to bald to be doing with this any more.

So thanks folks it really does mean a great deal to me that you out there continue to read my blog. Your support 


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