Horror For Good

Sometimes when a charity product is released the quality of the product is often of questionable quality.  The charity in question sometimes hopes that your sense of public duty outweighs the rather poor product. We all have a drawer full of extremely terrible charity records, that will never ever see the light of day again. Which is a pity, as I have always thought more people would buy it if it was better quality.  However every now and then someone produces something for charity that is not only for a good cause, but that also makes the reader wonder how on earth they managed to make something of such high quality. Horror for Good, is one of these products.  Even if this wasn’t for charity, I would be telling you all to go out and buy this book right now.

Horror for Good collects 32, yes that’s right 32 short stories from some of the best known names in the business.  And that’s 32 brilliant short stories, every one of these stories hits the mark.  And when you add in the fact that some of these stories are reprints of some very hard to get stories you are now entering the “Brucie Bonus” level of value.  
With top notch stories from the likes of Ramsay Campbell, Gary McMahon, F Paul Wilson, Joe R Lansdale, Laird Barron, Lee Thomas, you just can’t go wrong.  There really is something for everyone, vampires, werewolves, zombies, even some very dark humour thanks to the master of such things  Jeff Strand.  
Tracie McBride and Lee Thomas both give us stories featuring two creatures that are sadly underused, in mermaids and Golems.  
I urge you to go out and buy this anthology, I can guarantee that you will enjoy this book immensely.  

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