Thy Fearful Symmetry by Richard Wright

I have been looking forward to this book ever since Richard mentioned it in the interview we did together a while back.  For those of you who read my review of his novel Cuckoo  you will know that I am a big fan of Richard’s writing.  And this book  based around the apocalypse in Glasgow sounds right up my street.


The end of the world started in Glasgow,with a kiss. Two people – two creatures – fated to be eternal enemies downed their blazing spears and loved. To do so, they broke rules hardwired into the DNA of the universe. The universe noticed. The universe broke. Now Heaven and Hell are hunting them. Nobody on Earth can help them. Worst of all, the fabric of reality us unravelling around them, the Apocalypse has been brought forward a millennium, and it might all be their fault. On cold streets, the last tattered remnants of humanity must draw faith in a world that has no more use for them. As the masses pray and crawl on bloody knees, the few must restore the fearful symmetry between good and evil – for the sake of all.

“One of the best kept secrets in horror.” – Steven Savile, bestselling author of ‘Silver’.


Richard Wright is an author of strange, dark fictions, currently living in India with his wife and daughter. Over a decade and a half, his short stories have appeared widely in the US and UK press, most recently in diverse anthologies such as Dark Faith: Invocations, and World’s Collider. In 2010, Shroud Publishing released his novella Hiram Grange and the Nymphs of Krakow, and September 2012 will see The God of  Many Masks released from Obverse Books.

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