Stephen Bacon is one of those authors who has always impressed me with his contributions in a number of anthologies that I have read I really enjoyed his story in Ill at Ease, and  Dark Minds, to name but two.  So when I heard about his signing with Gray Friar Press , for the first in their New Blood series, which aims to put the spotlight on new and upcoming writers, I was grinning from ear to ear.

Peel Back The Sky is a collection of 21 tales that  map the darkest recesses of our minds. They document the madness and cruelty that exists in the places we do not wish to visit.

The shop mannequins that appear to have a life of their own . . .the monstrous insect that consumes men’s thoughts . . . the shadowy organisation that wreaks terror to the public . . . the overgrown garden blighted by a centuries-old curse . . .

“As a writer – already a very good writer – he shows a huge amount of promise. If he’s this good now, how much better is he going to get?” – NICHOLAS ROYLE

You can purchase a copy direct from Gray Friar Press 


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