In Memorandum Peter Cushing.

It has been 18 years to the day since the beloved Peter Cushing left us for a better place.  All of us who love horror know exactly how much of a gift this wonderful man was to the genre.  A true English gentleman.  So in honour of the great man I have opened up the comments section.  Please share your memories of Peter below. 
For me, Peter will always be the perfect Barron Frankenstein, and the perfect Van Helsing.  My love of all things horror was started my a couple of late night sneaks downstairs to watch films after my parents had gone to bed.  (Note for some of our younger readers, there was actually a time when horror films where shown on the main  television channels.)  
Whether he was playing a straight down the line hero such as Van Helsing, or a misguided and misunderstood anti hero as Frankenstein, Peter always managed to make you sympathetic to the character he played.  I loved how as Van Helsing, this slight and unassuming man could make you believe he had the physical and spiritual strength to take on and defeat the prince of Darkness.    These films will always have a place in my heart, they came from an age where horror had not only a sense of fun, but also wonder and even heart.

If I had to pick one film of his that impacted the most on my psyche, it would have to be Horror Express.  Even to this day this film still has the power to send a chill down my spine.  

Thank you Peter, if it it wasn’t for you, and your partner in crime Christopher Lee, I don’t my passion and love for the genre would have seen the light of day, and for that I will be eternally grateful.


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