Soul Screams by Sara Jayne Townsend

Thirteen horror stories from horror and crime novelist Sara Jayne Townsend. These stories are angsty, dealing with negative emotions and darkness of the soul. These stories are about that inner scream that no one can hear but you. These stories will haunt you.

I always find short story collections hard to review, how do you review 13 stories without repeating yourself in each review?  Thankfully Sara Jayne Townsend, doesn’t suffer from the same problem when it comes to writing 13 short stories.  

Soul Screams is a joy to read, it showcases a talented  new author on the verge on greatness.  The stories on offer here show a great breadth of style, from the  excellent and chilling Thirteenth Floor, to the moving and powerful Trio.  

While not all of the stories work, they do all have a good, well written characters.  That shine through on some of the lesser stories.  

I do urge you to buy this collection as it really does showcase a talent in the making.  


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