Hell’s Teeth by G.R. Yeats

And so it comes to pass, the final book in the Vetala Cycle, which to be honest is a great pity.  This has been a very enjoyable series that has seen Greg go from strength to strength with each instalment.

Out at sea, off the coast of Gallipoli, the black teeth of Cape Helles await!

Gallipoli, 1916. The campaign is lost. The Turks are driving the Anzacs from their dugouts. Amongst them is Tom Potter, a man who left England in disgrace, hoping to start his life over in New Zealand. But his ghosts have not let him go and, when he is cast adrift, lost at sea, they seek him out, they maroon him upon a grey and dismal island. A place where Tom discovers he is not alone, that he is being watched by horrors who have fed upon the blood spilled in the trenches of Passchendaele and the streets of London, and now, they wish to feed upon him.

I am a big fan of Greg’s writing, he manages to be both literary and enjoyable at the same time.  He writes with a confidence and a skill that far outweighs his relatively short time as a published writer.  Rather than just rehashing the same old story Greg has given each new book a unique voice and style.  The previous two books tended more towards the gore out horror reminiscent of 1980’s horror.  With Hells Teeth, Greg goes for more  of a quiet, bleak horror.  And his descriptions of one man’s  nightmarish descent into insanity at the hands of the hellish Vetala, is a master stroke of subtle   terrifying  horror, that will disturb you right down to the core.  

I always feel sorry for Greg, you all know that I am not a big fan of the glut of self published authors, however it is people like Greg that    always break my argument. Greg can write, and he can write extremely well, he also understands the publishing business and knows all to well, that all authors need an editor.  Truthfully when he told me he was a self published author last year on a boozy night out in London I was shocked.  So if like me you have a natural tendency to be wary of these books, please, please give him a shot, he is worthy of your time. 


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