Merkabah Rider: The Mensch with No Name by Edward M. Erdelac

Following on from the genre crossing and rather excellent High Planes Drifter, The Mensch With No Name is another excellent read from Edward M. Erdelac.  As with the previous installant this is more of a collection of interlinked short stories, this give the book a really good Saturday Morning Adventure film feel, which I loved. This volume has four novellas

– The Infernal Napoleon
– The Damned Dingus
– The Outlaw Gods
– The Pandæmonium Ride

The Mensch follows on directly from the last book where the Rider’s search for his previous master Adon who has since been revealed as the man  behind all the supernatural shenanigans, began.  However he is now aware that his former master is now aware of his search, so he must now try and conceal his search from his master.

In a publishing world where every third book you read feels like the book you had just read, its so refreshing to have an author like Erdelac.  The stories on show here breath new light into a genre that at times feels as stale and musty as the Riders’ boots.

 The Infernal Napoleon, hits the ground with both barrels firing.  The Rider pursued by the hellish horde of Lillith, holes up in the small town of Varuga.  Where he has a showdown against the horde.  Trust me folks by the time you have turned the last page on this excellent story you will be hooked.  Demon hordes, mystical cannons, and the legend of Samson all go to making a thrilling read.

The Damned Dingus, deserves high praise just for the brilliant title.  While on a train journey the Rider loses his infamous gun, and he must go searching for it.  There has always been a strong Lovecraftian undercurrent to these stories, but with this story it comes right to the fore, you will have as much fun reading this story as you will spotting the references.  A first class story.

The Outlaw Gods, if the previous story was packed full enough of brilliant nods, them the introduction of the Serpent Men in this novel will surely send your geek chip into hyper overload.  Things are really hotting up for our rider with this story. 

The Pandaemonium Ride,  if you’re wondering just how can this story be topped, then maybe a trip into Hell for a chat with Lucifer will work for you.  They say you should always go out with a bang, or leave your audience wanting more.  Well this story does both.  With The Pandaemonium Ride the full scope of what the Rider is up against are revealed.  This revelation will leave you wide eyed and with a jaw on the floor.  I don’t know how many volumes are planned for this brilliant series, suffice to say, I’m hooked.   
The Merkabah Rider, is the sort of story I live to read.  Grand in vision, great writing, action packed, and full to the brim with nods to some of my genre favourites.  If this sub genre of horror ever really takes off, then Edward M. Erdelac, will be the name that everyone mentions when asked what is the best book in this genre.  

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