News : Dark Regions Press

Dark Regions Press have announced that three new trade paperbacks are in stock and ready for shipping 

Urn & Willow by Scott Thomas
Urn & Willow is the fifth book in our ongoing Ghost House imprint and features eleven interior illustrations by artist Erin Wells.

Ghostly tales of 18th and 19th century New England

The hour is late, and wind whispers at the window. Autumn leaves have taken wing and a breeze troubles the candle flame. Something from the past has returned and walks the moonlit night. Something dead.

The door may be bolted and the fire may be warm, but the ghosts in Scott Thomas’s URN AND WILLOW will find you. They wait patiently within the covers, inviting you to visit the lonely chamber where three sisters starved to death, and the small town where the devil’s hoof prints steam in the snow, and a house where the rooms mysteriously multiply and are inhabited by otherworldly creatures. Come inside and visit the haunted seasons of the past.

“In his latest collection from Dark Regions Press “Urn & Willow” Scott continues what he does best…write atmospheric spooky stories filled with subtle terror, restless spirits and haunting imagery that will stay with you long after you put down the book. “Urn & Willow” is filled with stories from 18th and 19th century New England, being a native New Englander the book resonates with me especially. His descriptive prose perfectly grasps the feel of old New England and it’s inhabitants… alive or dead.” – Famous Monsters of Filmland

Multiplex Fandango is subtitled “A Weston Ochse Reader” for good reason. This collection contains a comprehensive representation of short fiction and novellas by the Bram Stoker award winner and Pushcart Prize nominee, including his recent powerful Stoker finalist short story, “The Crossing Of Aldo Rey” and his brilliant Stoker finalist novella, Redemption Roadshow, as well as acclaimed favorites, “Catfish Gods” and “Big Rock Candy Mountain.” Also included in this omnibus volume of sixteen short stories and novellas are six original new works of short fiction written especially for this collection including such future classics as “Tarzan Doesn’t Live Here Anymore,” “Low Men Weeping,” and the stunning, “City Of Joy.”

“Multiplex Fandango. Say it. Multi-plex Fan-dan-go. It’s beautiful, isn’t it? Just rolls off the tongue. It’s almost as beautiful and satisfying as the book you may now be holding in your hands, or reading a review about. What we’re seeing here is quite possibly the most comfortable, relaxed, and expert takeover that the horror genre has ever seen. With Multiplex Fandango, Weston Ochse has created an incredible collection, and has given the reader one of the smoothest, most satisfying reads they could ever come across. To drive the point home, Joe Landsdale says in the intro that “This is a book that could almost have been written for me.”, but I disagree – this book was written for anyone looking for imaginative, intelligent, and thoroughly awe-inspiring, but strangely uplifting scares that force the reader to think more than react.” – Paperback Horror

“This is a book that could almost have been written for me.” – Eight-Time Bram Stoker Award Winner Joe R. Lansdale on Multiplex Fandango

Tales of the Weak & The Wounded by Gary McMahon

The sound of shuffling footsteps across the old cell floor…

A soft voice like a strange tune echoing along the empty corridors…

Dim lights in the windows of the abandoned asylum…

Discarded case files that flip open to reveal the dreams of broken minds…

Welcome to a place where the boundaries of fact and fiction meet.

Acclaimed author Gary McMahon raids the archives of a notorious derelict mental asylum called the Daleside Institute to bring you stories of madness, horror and emotional trauma. In locations as diverse as suburban Germany, the London Underground, an Italian seaside resort and the inhospitable polar icecap, you will meet damaged people with broken lives. Here are terrifying accounts of love, hate, death and madness…

These are the Tales of the Weak and the Wounded

“If you love short stories, this is a must book for your collection. If you haven’t read anything by Mr. McMahon this is a great place to start. One of the better collections of short stories I’ve read and I give it my highest recommendation, I will definitely be keeping my eyes out for more from Gary McMahon.” – Famous Monsters of Filmland

“This is a great collection of stories and an excellent showcase for the highly talented Gary McMahon. There are enough images in here to haunt your dreams for months to come but there’s also depth here, strong ideas and commentary. The best horror holds up a mirror to society, is grounded in reality and Tales of The Weak and The Wounded is an exemplar of this.” – Dark Musings

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