Black Static 29

Well it looks as though the UK’S  premier horror magazine goes from strength to strength.  This may be only the third issue I have read, but I know eagerly await publication day like a puppy waiting for its owner to come home.

For those not in the know, Black Static is the perfect mix of articles, reviews, and first class fiction.  The articles here, aren’t you dumbed down versions you get in certain high street genre magazines, these are well thought out intelligent and highly entertaining  pieces.  From some of the the UK’s most respected genre writers.  In this issue, Stephen Volk discusses the use of charismatic and likeable characters in fiction.

Christopher Fowler discusses believability in fiction and films, where he manages to make a film about Hungarian Ticket Inspectors sound very intriguing indeed.

Tony Lee, Mike O’Driscol, and Peter Tennant, do what they do best and bring you a comprehensive set of reviews that are fantastic, informative, and well written, that set a high standard for genre reviewers.  There is also an excellent interview with Nicholas Royle, were they discuss his book Regicide  and his publishing imprint Nightjar Press.  

Filling in the spaces between the top notch articles are some excellent stories, I hadn’t hard of any of these authors before, however I was not disappointed by any of the stories here.  The fiction editor of Black Static really knows how to sniff out a good story.  My favourite story  of the five was Shine by Nina Allen, a brilliantly chilling  first person tale about the creatures that spawned a legend.

The one thing I don’t like about this magazine is this is now two times in a row I know my bank balance is going to take a hit searching out these new to me authors.

The stories are also complimented by some excellent artwork form the likes of Ben Baldwin, Rik Rawling and David Gentry.

I also have to make mention of the new size format, I love it, not sure what the actual size is, but it’s about the size of  trade paperback book, and fits perfectly into my courier bag.

When you consider that you are getting five short stories / novellas as well as all the articles and reviews for a measly price of £3.95 you really being to wonder how they manage to do it.  There are some magazines out there that charge way more than this and give far less value for money.  So come on folks stick your hands in pockets and support this brilliant British horror magazine.

You can buy Black Static on the high street, but I suggest that you take out a subscription,




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