John Prescott’s Hell : A Review

This review has been a long time time coming.  Even though the John Prescott’s first instalment in this trilogy, was one of my favourite reads, I had put off reading this book, until I finally hit holiday time.  I wanted to be able to read this book with the least amount of interruptions.  If you haven’t read the first book Pray, then do yourself a favour go and get it now.  So after a couple of days R&R, I finally sat down with one of my most anticipated books this year.

Book Description

“The Four Angels of the Euphrates River have been loosed…the Horseman will come soon. Earth has not seen such death. Pray for the lost, Roxi. We’re about to see such darkness…”


It has been three years since the trumpet sounded and the seals were broken. The Tribulation continues: those left behind after the Rapture will have their faith tested and their souls shattered: for the worst is yet to come…
The vampire of the Vatican continues to rest in St Peter’s grave…the Beast of the Abyss, Apollyon, has been unleashed unto the world, bringing fire, venom and death to unbelievers and faithful alike…and Samouel Gallo, the second Father of Lies, has destroyed the seeds of revolt within his New World Church and consolidated his power. Now, he is unstoppable…

“Hell reigns, but here, the people persevere…”

There is hope: in Jerusalem, two ancient mystics defy the Antichrist with the plagues of Egypt…and in the mountain fastness of Colorado, the members of the JSCS embark on a desperate quest to take the fight to Samouel Gallo in the corrupted Vatican…a battle that will only be possible if they can find the Spear of Destiny…
But a traitor in their group threatens all. An attack is coming that may well devastate the rebels and threaten the last human challenge to the Antichrist…

“I will let you have your day. Your time is coming, and you will fall.”

…and the Tribulation will be without end. HELL will be eternal.

Well folks I started this masterpiece at 11pm last night, the kids were long asleep, Amanda had gone to bed, and there was nothing on the television to distract me.  And here I am now a day later,  and having just turned the final page of this book, I feel as refreshed and as awake I was nine hours ago.   This book did not disappoint on any level.   John has a brilliant way with words, this novel may require you to wear a neck brace, as the it travels along at an amazing breakneck speed.

By setting the book three years after he events of Pray, allows for John to start the novel fast, and keep the foot on the gas right up to the final page.  From the explosive entrance of Apollyon from a volcano, you will know you are in for a treat.  

The menagerie of monsters in the book is magnificent, and fully fits a book of such scope and vision.  When people talk about apocalyptic horror novels, King’s The Stand and McCammon’s  Swan Song  always get a mention, Prescott’s Revelations Chronicles, can go head to head with these books.  Yes there are a few occasions, where the Christian overtones of the heroes grates a little, but that’s to be expected in a book about the Christian apocalypse.  Don’t worry this isn’t one of those Christian propaganda novels, the Christian elements are essential to the plot, I mean how do fight the antichrist without faith in God. 

Pray was brilliant, Hell is fabulous, do yourself a big favour, get both books, and ride the fast train to Armageddon. 


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