Continuum: The ‘Star Wars’ Phenomenon As Experienced From The Inside by Tim Dry

It seems like it has been ages since I interviewed the rather splendid and wonderful Tim Dry, the man who was Xtro.  Now hose of you who read the interview will also know that as well as being Xtro, Tim also was a part of that once great Science Fiction Drama Star Wars.  In his book, Continuum, Tim tells us about his time on set of Return of The Jedi, and recollects about his times spent of the convention circuit. 
I’ll be honest, I think I have only read about four biographies in my whole life, one on Christopher Lee, one on Tom Baker, one on Joe Strummer, and one on Herbert Van Thall.  So when Tim offered me the chance to review it I was  little hesitant, would Tim’s story keep me interested?   
You know what?  I am so glad I gave this a read.  Tim is a born story teller, you know those guys who you always seem to meet in a smoky backstreet bar, that start to tell you a story, that is so enthralling, you don’t notice it’s suddenly 6am in the morning, well Tim is one of those guys. 
Reading this book will transport back to  time where everything seemed so much simpler, and age where the grim reality of life in the UK was countered balanced by a sense of joy and wonder down at the local one screen cinema house.  
This is a witty, intelligent and at times laugh out loud account of a bit actor in a huge film.  You will marvel at Tim’s attempt to introduce he fresh faced Mark Hammel to the slightly darker side of London night life, you’ll be fascinated by Tim’s account of the audition process, just how does one audition for the role of an alien?  You’ll shake your head in disgust and anger when he reveals just what happened to his commemorative sweatshirt!!  You’ll also feel a little sad when Tim makes an astute observation, that if these films were made now, he and all the other  mime artists would be out of a job. 
Moving on from this Tim tells us about the subsequent years, with trips to Japan as hair models, his time spent supporting Duran Duran on tour, and his years spent on the fan convention circuit. 
Even if you removed the fascinating subject matter of this book, you would still have a highly enjoyable read in your hands,  and simply comes down to Tim’s wonderful story telling ability.  I had a blast reading this book.  It’s the most fun I have had in the Star Wars universe in almost 30 years.  

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