Hedge End by Peter Mark May

Peter Mark May’s latest book Hedge End  has now been released as a trade paperback.  I’ve already snuck a look at the first few chapters, and this is shaping up to be a very good read indeed.

The forest has always been there, and the high hedge around it has stood since Roman times. No one remembers anymore why the hedge was planted, and bit by bit, as houses and modern life advance, the ancient barrier is being torn down. Slowly, creatures that have been trapped within for centuries are creeping through the gaps in the wall, hungry for revenge for their long imprisonment. As murder and horror spread through the nearby town of Hedge End, a stranger arrives, eager to give the residents a May Day celebration they will never forget.

“I LOVE stumbling across books that absolutely blow me away, and HEDGE END is one of those books! When I first read the plot synopsis, I was immediately pulled in…I am a huge fan of historical fiction, especially when it deals with old gods and myths, and this books delivers. Author Peter Mark May is a visionary, and it shows in this latest release.”Shattered Ravings

The book can be purchased from all the usual online places


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