Brand New Version of Barker’s Cabal Announced

cabalThe Small Press Fiddleblack has announced that a new version of Clive Barker’s Cabal, is to be released in 2013.  They have reported that they “working with Simon & Schuster to redevelop Clive Barker’s legendary novella, Cabal, with full endorsement and participation from Barker himself. This edition features new non-fiction content from a cast of contributors whom all share our deep admiration for the book’s legacy.”
Contributing to the project are: Peter H. Gilmore;  former Marvel Comics editor and writer D.G. Chichester; philosopher Eugene Thacker,  Hellraiser comic book author Mark Miller,  official Barker archivists, Phil and Sarah Stokes, and award-winning fiction writer John McManus.

One thought on “Brand New Version of Barker’s Cabal Announced

  1. Damn. I was hoping it was going to be an expanded, author's preferred edition kind of release, but I'll never turn down new Barker.

    Let's hope it does well – maybe it will convince another publisher to pick up his Black is the Devil's Rainbow collection.

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