Visions Fading Fast : A Guest Post by Gary McMahon

Please give a warm welcome to one of my favourite authors Gary McMahon. Gary is hear today to do a guest blog to promote Visions Fading Fast, a new anthology edited by him, which features some of the best names in horror today.

Visions Fading Fast
Edited by Gary McMahon
Published by Pendragon Press:
Editions: Paperback/Limited Hardback
ISBN: 978 1 906864 33 0
  • Introduction by Gary McMahon
  • Blues Before Sunrise by Joel Lane
  • Wild Acre by Nathan Ballingrud
  • Dancer in the Dark by Reggie Oliver
  • The History Thief by Kaaron Warren
  • Night Closures by Paul Meloy

I wanted to call the book Visions Fading Fast because I believe that’s what happens to us all in life: our visions fade. I don’t mean that we all begin to need spectacles because our eyesight fails, but that our personal visions of the world, and the ideas we have regarding our place in that world, start to dim, and maybe even to crumble away at the edges. By the time we die, those visions are long gone. All that remains are the memories – if we’re lucky, that is.
Another, less depressing, reason for doing the book was simply the desire to showcase some great stories. The writers and their stories I’ve gathered here represent some of the many rich and varied aspects of what I see as the genre of horror fiction. There are no maniacs with hatchets, no women being tied up and tortured in basements, no shitty little sex fantasies dressed up as storytelling. What you’ll find here is some beautiful prose, resonant imagery, and stories that go deep – fiction that burrows right into your skin, and then drives right into your soul.
This, my friends, is the Good Stuff. This is what inspires me, and I hope it’ll do the same to you.
The guidelines I gave the authors for this project was that I wanted them to scare or and move me, or both. I think each one of the stories accomplishes those aims.
I hope you’ll buy a copy and find out for yourself if I’m correct.
  • Joel Lane lives in Birmingham, England. His work includes three collections of supernatural horror stories, The Earth Wire, The Lost District and The Terrible Changes; a weird novella, The Witnesses are Gone; two mainstream novels, From Blue to Black and The Blue Mask; and a booklet of crime stories, Do Not Pass Go. ‘Blues Before Sunrise’ is linked to his first novel, and to a third novel which is forthcoming.
  • Nathan Ballingrud lives in Asheville, NC, with his daughter. His short stories have appeared in Inferno: New Tales of Terror, Lovecraft Unbound, Teeth, Naked City: New Tales of Urban Fantasy, and other places. Several stories have been reprinted in various Year’s Best anthologies, and he won the Shirley Jackson Award for “The Monsters of Heaven.” He can be found online at
  • Reggie Oliver has been a professional playwright, actor, and theatre director since 1975. Besides plays, his publications include the authorised biography of Stella Gibbons, Out of the Woodshed, published by Bloomsbury in 1998, four collections of strange stories, and a novel, The Dracula Papers I – The Scholar’s Tale – the first of a projected tetralogy from Chomu Press. An omnibus edition of his stories entitled Dramas from the Depths is published by Centipede, as part of its Masters of the Weird Tale series. A fifth collection of his tales, Mrs Midnight, is out from Tartarus in September 2011. In 2010/2011 his farce Once Bitten was a Christmas season sell-out hit at the Orange Tree Theatre, Richmond.
  • Kaaron Warren has six works of fictions in print. Her three short story collections are The Grinding House, The Glass Woman and Dead Sea Fruit. Her novels are Slights, Walking the Tree and Mistification. She’s lived in Melbourne, Sydney and Fiji and now lives in Canberra, Australia, with her family.
  • Paul Meloy was born in 1966 and works as a charge nurse for a mental health crisis team in Bury St Edmunds. He wrote the collection Islington Crocodiles and his short story Black Static won the British Fantasy Society award for best short story in 2005.
  • Gary McMahon’s short fiction has been reprinted in both THE MAMMOTH BOOK OF BEST NEW HORROR and THE YEAR’S BEST FANTASY & HORROR. He is the acclaimed author of the novels Hungry Hearts from Abaddon Books, Pretty Little Dead Things and Dead Bad Things from Angry Robot/Osprey and The Concrete Grove trilogy from Solaris. He does not own a cat but he does have a wife and son who somehow manage to live with his madness. Website:

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