Simon Maginn’s debut novel Sheep, first released to great critical acclaim in 1994,is now available as an E-book. It was selected for the W H Smith Fresh Talent promotion in 1994.and it was also as The Dark, starring Sean Bean and Maria Bello, in 2005.
The novel tells the story of James and Adèle, who  with their eight year old Sam, move to Wales to renovate a dilapidated farmhouse. Still reeling from the death by drowning of their daughter, the time in Wales should be a chance for them to recover, regroup, come together as a family.
But James starts to dig up some rather curious bones, Sam has a screaming fit in which he seems to be speaking to a previous occupant of the house, and Adèle’s paintings become odd, disturbing, wrong. A sheep is found, mutilated, then soon after  Sheep are found lying on the rocks below the cliff, torn open. The destruction of the beasts has begun.

Peter James had this to say about the book

‘The best debut novel I have read since The Wasp Factory. Wonderful original writing glittering with savage imagery, the pages breathe the tough, dark texture of a real world, of real inescapable fears, blurring the boundaries between nightmare and reality…’

Stay tuned folks as I will have Simon over for a chat in the near future.  I am really looking forward to both talking with Simon, and reading this book.

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