Hell Billy by Steven L. Shrewsbury

Steven Shrewsbury, author of the acclaimed novels, Stronger Than Death, and Hawg, and firm favourite of Ginger Nut Towers,  has announced details of his latest novel.  Hell Billy will be published by Bad Moon Books, with an introduction from American horror legend Ronald Kelly and artwork by Stacy Drum.
“When a series of bizarre murders take place in reconstruction era Memphis, former Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest is summoned to help solve matters. The occupying Union forces Commandant, General Michaels, sees members of his family killed in a fashion unique to a killer in Forrest’s cavalry brand, one William Hells. Nathan assures him Billy died in the war. However, when the Commandant’s brother is murdered, Billy is captured before Forrest’s own eyes. Confused over the implications that a man he buried still lives, Forrest finds some consolation in Hells execution…until Billy again strikes Michael’s kin at a whorehouse the next day. Again, Billy is shot dead and Michaels thinks his family safe.
 But he’s wrong. Billy returns again.
For some, the war isn’t over and Hell walks on two legs.”


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