The Eyes of Water by Alison Littlewood

Lately I’ve been in a bit of a slump with regards to the genre.  I’ve become bored, and dissatisfied with seeing the same tired old novel being peddled by an endless stream of wannabee Amazonitte authors.

So when Spectral Press‘s latest chapbook was sent my way it was with an eager heart that I cracked open this beauty.  You see for those not in the know Spectral Press is one of the latest  in line of quality UK Small Presses.  This is the seventh publication from them, where the  six chapbooks, and one novella, has shown that the presses owner Simon Marshall Jones is a man of discerning taste.

The Eyes of Water,  is another excellent addition the the chapbook line.  “Beneath the world . . .
The Mexican cenotés. Flooded caves that fracture the Yucatan Peninsula – places of mystery, the unexplored, and of ancient sacrifice.
When Alex meets an old friend while travelling, he doesn’t realise how far the encounter will take him. For Rick is exploring deep beneath the surface of the world, discovering new cave systems, one leading to the next. And when Alex is compelled to follow he has no way of knowing just how deep he will be expected to go, or how dark are the places he will find there . . .”

Alison Littlewood has created a wonderfully atmospheric story, that is packed with great writing.  This is another prime example of how strong, powerful and chilling quiet horror can be.  The scene in the morgue will send a shiver down your spine with its reveal.  The way in which Alison builds the tension is so subtle that as Alex delves deeper and deeper into the cave system you suddenly release that you are holding your breath, wishing you too had an air tank.

Eyes of Water is another excellent story form Alison, and one that sees Simon hitting Seven for Seven with Spectral Press.  Sadly this chapbook has sold out, like the previous five in the series.  If you are a fan of intelligent well written fiction then I urge you to take out a subscription to this line of chapbooks.  The quality of the stories is only matched by the quality of the books production. 


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